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Do you know how the accident happened? They were surprised at the city's rapid growth. Tell Jeremy what you need. I've studied French for three years. You seem so relaxed. He scolded her for her weakness. Rajarshi helped the two survivors reach a log cabin in the mountain. My brother is a moron.

The committee are all against it.

Be respectful to the elderly. I did understand you. The plane has just taken off. It is necessary for you to go and encourage the girl. Why can't you be more like your older sister? Bradley is conscious now. I want to give you a hug. Melinda isn't going to like it. This is a terrible thing to say to a man. Beware of imitations.

You always surprise me. I can't go back without you. Did you get my gift? Dominic wasn't an especially good student in high school. There are many people who don't like me. We should've been there for them. Christophe went abroad to study French.

I thought it might be better to tell you now instead of later. Don't you call him Duke?

Would the two of you quit bickering? Come sit down. I never eat meat. I'm done fooling around now. You're tall, just like your father. He died a few hours later. How does this work exactly?

They are supposed to obey the orders. I want them to apologize. Who does want change? Do you think Francisco is becoming more like Mike?

We're going to go. I prefer a systematic method. Oilskins are waterproof.

The Rosenfelders live in Wheaton, Indiana. You don't mind, do you? We reported his disappearance.

A lot of soldiers were killed here. Can you help me organize my files before you leave? I have some old clothes I'm going to throw out. Perhaps Sidney is guilty. Nothing more is needed.

It's hard to believe it was so clear and sunny up to just now. Alex says he saw who crashed into Plastic's car.

I like Dory better than Florian.

They were somewhere else. I want this camera. Do you also know how to use a computer? Laurie was a pain. There's no need to hurry. The French word "amour" comes from the Occitan language through the troubadours, otherwise it would be "ameur". A crowd as big as that would leave tons of garbage on the stadium grounds.

I was right behind Laura. I have the French nationality, but I'm from Vietnam. Hundreds have been killed. What do they need? Natraj doesn't care about what other people think. There's something strange here.